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Ceramic Hip Resurfacing - NEW!

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    Metal resurfacing is best for young males…

    Traditional hip resurfacing employs cobalt alloy metal implants. Metal hip resurfacing has been used very successfully for more than 20 years in the management of osteoarthritis. In the right patients, the results and performance of metal hip resurfacing have surpassed those of total hip replacements. Generally, the best results for metal hip resurfacing are observed in people with suitable bone density, size and shape. Metal Hip Resurfacing devices are thus mostly indicated in young and high demand male patients.

    What is Ceramic Hip Resurfacing?

    Ceramic Hip Resurfacing are implants manufactured from ceramic materials rather than a cobalt alloy metal. One of these that are currently being tested in the market is the ReCerf ceramic hip resurfacing manufactured by MatOrtho. This product is similar to the very successful Adept metal hip resurfacing which is also manufactured by MatOrtho. The main difference between the two is that the ReCerf bearing is all ceramic.

    Why consider Ceramic Hip Resurfacing?

    Although metal hip resurfacings have outstanding outcomes in young active males, metal resurfacing implants are not suitable for all people. This is due primarily to a metal induced reaction that occurs in 0.5% of well selected patients but can be more frequent in patients with smaller sized hip joints who do not meet the strict criteria recommended for the safe use of metal hip resurfacing. Also, many women have a higher rate of reacting to the cobalt ions generated by the metal resurfacings. Thus, most women do not meet the criteria for the safe use of metal hip resurfacing. Given that many of the shortcomings of metal resurfacing in these patients is felt to be because of the metal itself, ceramic hip resurfacing is an attractive potential alternative. Ceramic hip resurfacing is made of a durable inert substance which will not cause cobalt related metal reactions thus making women of all sizes potential ideal candidates for this procedure.

    What are the alternatives to Ceramic Hip Resurfacing?

    If your hip arthritis requires joint replacement surgery, the alternatives to ceramic hip resurfacing include conventional total hip replacement or metal hip resurfacing. Each of these methods have specific risks and benefits. The decision as to which implant is recommended depends on a number of factors. Your suitability for a particular procedure or prosthetic type will be evaluated and discussed at the time of your visit.

    What are the disadvantages of Ceramic Hip Resurfacing?

    The material used in the manufacturing of the ceramic resurfacing prosthesis (Biolox Delta) has been extensively used in total joint replacements over many years and has demonstrated exceptional wear and impact resistance. Despite this perceived advantage, the main disadvantage of ceramic hip resurfacing is that the use of ceramics in hip resurfacing is relatively new and the long-term results of this implant have not yet been established. It is important to note that extensive pre- clinical testing of the ReCerf ceramic hip resurfacing by MatOrtho has demonstrated favourable strength and wear resistance. The clinical performance of the ReCerf ceramic hip resurfacing is currently under evaluation within an international multicentre clinical study of which we are part of. The first ReCerf ceramic hip resurfacing was conducted in late 2018. Thus far, the results are favourable. However, it takes several years of follow-up data to be entirely confident with the clinical performance of any prosthetic implant. For this reason, all patients seeking to receive this exciting new implant will be screened and monitored post-operatively.

    Interested in private surgery?

    Dr. Antoniou offers expedited services at a state-of-the-art surgical center. These private pay surgeries are available for Quebec, Canada, as well as international patients.